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RubyWoo , 26/06/2014
News, Director's cut and JD [3]
PSHD Update Part 3: a bunch of updates you won't want to miss!

Achievements are done and implemented to all platforms. If your system has built in Achievements/Trophies it will use that, such as Xbox Live, PSN and Steam, otherwise we built in the Trophy system on PSHD, so Dreamcast and Wii U users can also earn them. There are 38 achievements on PSHD, some are story based, some are side-quest based and some are hidden achievements that we won't give you any clue about how to get it. Or maybe we will... on PSHD guide, but that's not fully decided yet.

Graphics Enhancement

Well that sounds kind of obvious but it isn't. We all know that Pier Solar has the modes for 16-Bit and HD graphics, but now we'd like to present a new graphic mode for Pier Solar: HD+. In HD+ mode Pier Solar will apply a hq3x filter over the pixelated elements, such as character sprites, monsters, etc. making them have a more rounded appearance for those who aren't fond of sharp pixel edges. I myself prefer the pixels from HD mode but we're a democratic company so anyone can choose the mode that suits their preference.
 On the left: Hoston gazes at the bald man as he turns his back in amazement: "So round and smooth", he says. On the right: Hoston looks unimpressed at the bald man, he hopes he never has to follow the same fate. 

Additionally it is not possible to turn on scanlines, if you like those.

Mini Games update

The original Pier Solar came with 3 mini-games: Eternal Slip, Pier Pyromar and Mosei's Quest. They're all present on PSHD, Mosei's quest has its name updated to Mossa's Quest, and the gameplay changed as well. On top of that we added two mini-games based on some parts of the game. Except for Mosei's quest and Eternal Slip, they other 3 mini-games are all 4 player enabled so that you can have fun with your family and friends (which is why I had that huge bunch of controllers on my desk on last update).


The battle system remains the same but we revised some enemy behaviours and also some stats as well to make things fairer to the player. So, battles are more balanced now. Same thing applies to items and spells, we revised the healing properties and balanced them a bit more.

All of these improvements are done and tested, ready to roll, and while they are partially responsible for the game delay, they are worth the while, which will make Pier Solar much more enjoyable both to new players and for the veterans of the original MD/Genesis game.

Juicy Diary

The last thing I want to talk about is the Juicy Diary, it will be a short series with compilations of some of the recordings done for the OYAWM movie. The videos aren't exactly recent, but either way, it gives a glimpse on the day-to-day work here at the WM office, showing us testing some features and fixing some bugs.

You can watch the Juicy Diary Episode 1 here:

And finally, for you who read until the end, here's our official trailer.

That's it for now. Thank you all for the support.
- WM
Plastic , 27/06/2014 - 04:28
Also, A question. Has the Disc mastering process started for the Dreamcast version and what kind of CD is it on, a 99min one?
TulioAdriano , 26/06/2014 - 22:49
@Plastic: We won't wait for the Japanese publisher to release on the other markets. Don't worry. That's just informative for those who may have interest on hearing about it.
Plastic , 26/06/2014 - 20:51
and please don't wait for a publisher in japan to release the game.
Plastic , 26/06/2014 - 20:48
This update is all nice and dandy but, WHERE IS THE RELEASE DATE?
Jagunco , 26/06/2014 - 19:43
All of this are becoming fantastic! Congratulations again! But I would like ask: Since been added the hq3x over pixelated elements, is there any chance to include scanlines (mixed and not mixed with hq3x filter, like on emulators) over the same pixelated elements in this HD+ mode?
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