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RubyWoo , 26/06/2014
News, Director's cut and JD [2]
PSHD Update Part 2: a bunch of updates you won't want to miss!
The save system changed

The original save system in Pier Solar for MD/Genesis was designed with an idea in mind, to prevent the player from cheating the game by save/load/walk/save/load/walk to prevent encounters, etc. The way it worked originally was: Save anywhere but load will bring you to the last "door" that you crossed. This caused a lot of confusion among the players who would walk around, open a chest, save, and then when they loaded, the chest was closed and they didn't have their new items/xp/gold that they had when they saved. So now PSHD switched to a more traditional save model of using save points. The save points were carefully placed on each town, and also on each dungeon where it would be beneficial to the player. That doesn't mean every dungeon has a save point but those who do, well... you better save.
 The team using a save point. 

In addition to the save points Lossa can do what Pier Solar for MD/Genesis used to do, with its auto-save function. This means that if you enable auto-save, for every door you cross in a dungeon, lossa will save a "checkpoint" for you, so if you lose you will go back to that point rather than on the last save point. Very handy. [Continues on the next post.]

New Music

Pier Solar now features 3 new songs that couldn't fit on the MD/Genesis cartridge. If you have the OST you probably heard them on the bonus disc. However there was no FM version of those songs, therefore they had to be made in FM, and recorded directly from a real system in order to preserve maximum fidelity.

Inventory Expanded

Pier Solar for MD/Genesis featured an inventory of about 70 slots and each slot could accumulate up to 19 items. Now the capacity was doubled and you can accumulate up to 99 items per slot.
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