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10/01/2019 - 17:18
 Fonzie could literally clear all this up in 5 minutes with a post about the timeline and future of the project.  

That's true, he could and should but he hasn't. It's unfortunate but it has people making up conclusions of what's happened to the game based on hearsay. That's not to say people haven't gleaned any truths but it means they have no substantial evidence to back any of it up. Same goes for people like me that say it is happening, only difference is I have a 'little bit' more info to go on.

 Im sorry but after 6 years I expect to be shown a little more than some $2 cardboard printouts and a Frankenstein pcb with a buggy mess on it. 

I think most people feel the same way. I'm not happy about it either despite my optimism. It doesn't make me hate Fonzie though, I like the guy but it is frustrating as hell.
Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something.
10/01/2019 - 23:42
Thanks for your words, Radcheck. Let's hope for the best.
11/01/2019 - 05:00
 Thanks for your words, Radcheck. Let's hope for the best. 

Agreed, it's nice to hear something somewhat official from someone who is known to have contact with Fonzie.

Hopefully we will all receive something soon be it news or paprium itself.
11/01/2019 - 07:40
 wheelaa :
"imagine that the game manufacture could be finish this week or today, tomorrow Fonzie will be shining bright and everybody will forget the event,"

People like that, ie those who would forget all the BS because they got their game, those people are dicks. Selfish, worthless scrotes.

There comes a point where the BS is too huge to be overlooked, forgiven, forgotten. Where broken promise after broken promise is too much.

I could get the 3x investor editions and the 1x arcade stick I converted gems for, they could be the best damn LEs ever, housing the greatest beat em up in history (*), but it would still be tainted shit from a toerag. 


... no

... +10 !!!
11/01/2019 - 09:15
In 6 years, all we've seen is some artworks/heavily edited screenshots, a demo wich is so buggy I'd could call it a sand crawler, a non working arcade cab wich is basically some stickers onto a custom steel frame, some pretty printed pieces of paper, and... that's all.

Except for the demo (I'm not a developper), I could do all this by myself in one month with a better result. And well, in 6 years working only on a game, I could have enought time to learn coding and make a better game.

I found it's a remarkable low amount of results regarding the money involved.

And finally, I think people still waiting after the game don't have hope anymore, I'd call it faith because there is no evidence at all that anything have been really done. Maybe there's more hidden behind a NDA, maybe there are more artworks, maybe there is a better demo, maybe people have seen the finished game running, maybe some of them have played the game, maybe people have already the cart, maybe I can walk on water and shoot lazers with my ass, all of this is bullshit without clear proof. And that's the problem from start: no communication, culture of secret, when in one announce everything could be cleared.

Personally I think my money is lost forever, you can all say whatever you want, that's just words, not a game. All we've got is 6 years of lies and nothing is officially done.
12/01/2019 - 09:01
glad to see another happy customer :-)

Sure you could do all your listed Stuff in 6months, but to make ppl believe there is somethinng coming and make them give u money for that, that's the thing you forgot about :-) ...that was a bit harsch i know.

reading those words from radcheck gives us another angle to look at it but it dosent eliminate the imagination that when somebody used up all the money from developement and still havent reached the goal to manufacture. I mean how do you communicate this? - it would be like officially dumping your career.
Thats a hard hit to take and nobody wants that.
i think fonzie is not sitting on the money of others, making himself a nice life with it, i think he would pay refunds if he could ...i honestly think that he had to pay other companies involved and that the money is used up for that so developement & refunds had to be stopped. But he's maybe trying at the very moment to get money somehow to accomplish the goal. would be nice to see it getting done but i stopped believing that it will be the game in almost neo geo quality we all imagined it to be. When it really comes out, it will be sold well i bet so. But there will be almost Zero ppl who wanna invest in a new game from watermelon again.

So i think it dosent matter anymore what he communicates and if he even communicates - Watermelon is done for.
14/01/2019 - 21:41
Remember ...

 ‎Gwénaël Godde‎ à Air France
21 septembre 2016 ·

Hello Airfrance. Luggage lost twice in a row on the 5th and the 10th of August. Luggage sitting at the cube in CDG for more than one month! Nobody to search it out! Indemnification requests "lost" by your buggy server, buggy online forms, useless hotline! Get some staff to solve the issues! 

 Benedicte Dup‎ à Air France
22 septembre 2016 ·

My friend Gwénaël Godde is still waiting for a solution for his lost luggage. So far, no one contacted him, neither answer him. You only redirect him to broken online forms and dumb hotline! His community won't quit supporting him until you solve the problem.
Smart solutions exist to avoid customer insatisfaction. Bibelib is one of them, courtesy and professionalism is another.
the matter is solved! 

Pot calling the kettle black
ou pour les frenchies, ...
C’est l’hôpital qui se moque de la charité. [:O]

17/01/2019 - 04:46 
Se esta preparando desde españa,foro de una demanda judicial contra fonzi por los afectados de paprium,si os quereis apuntar arriba el enlace...
It is preparing from Spain, forum of a lawsuit against fonzi by those affected by paprium, if you want to point up the link ...
daniel palomar
17/01/2019 - 11:38
Who is collecting the money for all the digital downloads of pier solar? Maybe that is the place to get some leverage? Pinch Fonzie balls a bit since this stain has most likely taken us for a ride. Can some legal action be taken to get the games pulled from the marketplaces? now that would be a nice kick in Fonzie's balls.....
17/01/2019 - 17:08
The GAME is finished and complete according to latest news on utube... any proof? Any video? Any demonstration? Any beta rom?
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