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Just Finished
04/03/2012 - 23:23
Amazing just finished now and I think the final is too sad made my wanna cry but is really a work of art!!! Congrats :WMyou´ve made a fan really happy!!! :D
Make Yourself Heard!!!
20/03/2012 - 17:24
Thanks man :) good to hear you enjoyed the game. Now spread the news the game is cool :)
Woot! Woot!
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20/03/2012 - 23:35
Im spreading the news here on Brazil :D
Make Yourself Heard!!!
21/03/2012 - 13:27
I just finished as well; Tim's FAQ was a MASSIVE help, though like most RPG FAQs, I feel a lot of things that have to be done are overkill... but that's ok.

Without it, I may still be stuck at Meho (3).
21/03/2012 - 23:42
Meho is really a hard place to overcome, and yes Tim is a perfect guide writer!!! :D
Make Yourself Heard!!!
21/07/2012 - 16:15
Just finished myself and loved the game! Might be my favorite RPG on the Genesis, though that could be because I never managed to finish any others on this system. But still, the fact that I was interested enough to finish this was definitely a great sign! Loved the humor and the characters which kept me going even when I was confused about what the heck was going on for like half the game. Great job everyone involved and I look forward to your next game release!
24/07/2012 - 20:04
I finished the game myself one week after I received it. I played 5 days, 33 hours. Such an amazing game.

The graphics are great, sound is brilliant. I bought the soundtrack later after finishing the game and received it today. The last three days weren´t easy for me and the soundtrack is like a chill-out. Plus, by listening through the soundtrack, I closed my eyes and played the game in my head again =) There´s absolutey nothing I to critisize for me. One day I´ll buy a Mega CD for my Mega Drive 1 console and play Pier Solar again, maybe with a 32X (want to get the Sonic Shoes) :D

But about the ending: It´s a sad one. I don´t understand Hoston´s decision. He used Pier Solar hisself and made a world he thought it´s perfect. I know he feels very ashamed about the things Rudy did a long time before Hoston was born, but why Hoston why? He refused Alina and Edessot the friendship and the relationship between his parents. This shows that Hoston is not better than Bethina! Anyway, you can think a long time about it.

I´ve read that Tulio isn´t happy about the ending. Maybe he´s reading my text: Tulio, what was the ending you wished for Pier Solar?

Long text, sorry guys. Thanks for reading =)
~ Respect Developers ~
03/08/2012 - 18:23
I finished the game as well. Like many, I used Tim's FAQ. But I found a bug not reported there. I thought for a moment that my game was defective. Toward the end of the game (beware, spoilers ahead), after defeating Kleoneo, Hoston goes to a false Reja. When you find Hoston's mother, never approach her from east to west. Rudy comes, speaks his dialogue and Hoston is "stuck", walking from one side to another. I realized that Hoston can not "find the way" to Rudy. Then just resetting. I thought of a problem of compatibility with the 32X and then with the Sega CD. Running only on the Mega Drive, the same thing happens. After a headache pain, I found that only path to the Hoston's mother it's from west to east or top to bottom. The problem with this defect is that you will have to face Kleoneo again, since the last save point is before the battle with him. Since the ending is sad, but left the door open for a sequel.
20/08/2012 - 23:12
I finished the game after playing about 50 hours (yes, I like gain experience), and I just want congratulate all the team envolved in creation, development and distribuition. Thank you all!

Things that I liked so much:

- The music is AWESOME! Especially the guitar on the "Boss Theme" (a big congrats to Wanderson!). "Being Alone"... You must experience listen this music with subwoofer on! :D ."Oasis Town" and "Ancient Garden" are others of my big favorites too.
- Story and plot are very creative, from beginning to the end, many good and bad things happen. Well, it is indeed surprising, nothing annoying. And I liked the ending! The atypical ending always attracted me, as Piga says, "left the door open for a sequel"... And I like imagine something like that, even if never happen.
- Using the Enhanced Soundtrack disc, the feature of people's sound on the market or agglomerations, makes a huge positive differential

Things that could be better (some spoiler here)

- In the Trench, I think the death of Rudy could be more epic if: After Kleoneo's attack, the villains leave the scene, earthquake comes, Hoston carries his wounded father to outside during this earthquake (no battles allowed in this moment), already outside, Hoston and Rudy take the last (and more longer) conversation and then, Rudy dies. He should be buried with more dignity.
The way things are, neither gave to feel the loss of a important character. "The Rudy's death, battles, battles, battles... And only then the consolation of his friends." This is the only thing in storyline that not worked well, IMO
- The impossibility to mix items on inventory was a great fail. In certain moments I had 12 Red Chilli and 8 Red Chilli in same moment. I know that 19 items is the limit, but if I could mix the items, then I get 19 and 1, and to discard one item pain less than 8... And the space of inventory is so limited! Items like "Lena Letter", that fills a precious space during almost entire game, to just in almost end you use it! It makes me very angry! Could be have more space in inventory OR a reserved space to these kind of items.

New Bug (more spoilers)

- When Hoston is in the false Reja, if you try to talk to Alina who is lying on the ground, the message "... She does not answer." will appear. So far so good, but if you try to talk to her again, will appears her avatar (moving mouth) next to the message, as if she was saying about herself "...She does not answer ..."

Well, I pretend play again someday, the, I'll take some forgotten sidequests. :D
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31/08/2012 - 18:19
I've finished the game long ago two times already. But I finished just now is the Eternal Slip minigame. Yesterday I must have done 10 attempts and ultimately gave up, thinking the thing is just as unbeatable as any inifinite game like Galaxians or Tetris.

But today, on my second attempt I finally got proficient (or lucky) enough and finished the Eternal Slip on the route, where you go over a SEGA-sign, layoud out in slippery stones.

Man, this feels like I've really accomplished something :D

Want to thank everyone on WaterMelon for the awesome package that is Pier Solar again. Right now, I'm playing through the main plot again to find that one elusive cartridge and look at Mossae's Quest.
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