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[Poll] ProjectN Synopses
16/11/2012 - 02:43
Hi Guys! As was announced, we have gathered all the ideas and polls and we got two different approaches for the ProjectN.

Hope both approaches pleases you!
You'll be asked to choose one.

Don't get it wrong, while we can't spoil too much to you (for obvious reasons), we got solid game concepts behind each!

Take your time to choose! Don't rush, RELAX! :D

Zelda meets Mario meets Pocky & Rocky.
Here is the Synopsis:

CotCot (work name) is a chicken living in a ancient world nobody heard about but was peaceful for sure.
However, the lord of darkness has taken over the world.
Will CotCot and his mates - including a OWL (owls likes darkness!) - be able defeat the lord of darkness and restore peace?

The gameplay is unique: Levels are mangled by stripes of darkness.
You can step into them and use them as side-view vertical passages (secret passages too). Any-time you step out of the shadow, the game gets top view for more arcade fighting action. How this can be done? This is WM's magic!

Also, anything that crosses through darkness gets "evil". Nice tortoises turns into raging speed-boats, birds turns into flying bombs, thus allowing for unique puzzles and fighting techniques.

One or Two player. Gameplay has both close range and long range attacks available, you can collect new weapons, learn new skills, increase the time you can spend in darkness for more secret passages & tricks.

Graphically, a mix of dark and colours will be done in a unique way that will be remembered.

Moby-Dick (for real!) meets journey to middle of earth meets Greek mythology (turned inside out). Gloomy, epic, obscur!
Here is the Synopsis:

Some time ago, Orpheus, our main hero, used to be a half-god and lived in the middle of the earth.
However he made ultimate outrage by leaving god's world for the "mortal" one and thus lost all his power.
The gods never forgave him and killed Orpheus's wife, a mortal, which now deposit in the "underworld".

Could she be saved? Orpheus believes so, and he is about to head with his dog (optional secondary player) back into god's worlds, a journey to the centre of the earth begins.

Top-view gameplay based on exploration and a ton of action. You'll go through several obscure places such as "the underworld", "the crystal caves", "mercury lakes", "the infinite stairs of Atlantis".

Will Orpheus be able to get his wife back to life? What if something far worse was about to happen?!

Graphically heavy, think about a old master painting that takes life. 


Woot! Woot!
16/11/2012 - 04:20
Both choices are very distinct and have their own individual merits. Either way, however the polls go, the game looks to be great. Very good ideas present for both concepts.

Does this mean I need to invest more gems now?
16/11/2012 - 04:38
heh I was the first person to vote. I thought about it and I just have to go with CotCot [:cotcot]. I think I personally would have more fun with that concept.
16/11/2012 - 05:26
Wow, these both sound awesome! Having spent a little more time invested in [:cotcot] brainstorming, I think I'm gonna have to go with that one. Still I would love to see the Orpheus game if that's picked. So either way I'm happy. Well done [:WM]!
16/11/2012 - 10:32
Wow ! It's a very hard decision, both plots are awesome ... I think that I'm going to vote for the orpheus game because it seems that the scenario is going to be deeper, which is no so common on the snes :) So let's go for orpheus story [:WM] style !
16/11/2012 - 12:29
Really difficult to decide. I guess i would prefer the story and atmosphere of an Orpheus game, but the gameplay of the Cotcot-Game [:O]. Well, i will think a while about which option i choose.
16/11/2012 - 13:16
Very tough choice, but I had to go with Orpheus in the end. It just sounds a bit cooler than the CotCot idea.
Blast Processor
16/11/2012 - 13:52
Voted for the 2nd one. I don't really want to play 'cute' games anymore.
16-bit videogaming is an art form
16/11/2012 - 14:48
i like both concepts except for the top down view, so i voted for the cot cot one
32,768 colors!
16/11/2012 - 15:00
Gameplay-wise I'd really want the first option, Cotcot.
Visual SHOCK! Speed SHOCK! Sound SHOCK!
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