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eatdogs , 25/06/2016 - 18:16
It's been a long time since I've posted on here. I'm just wondering what the status is on the project. Anything please...
fresh_laundry , 11/04/2016 - 15:57
Hey guys, Has the project stopped development? I know times were hard during the last update. Thanks in advance for the info :)
Mr.Isaac , 21/03/2016 - 16:25
?????? Did this die?! If it did, I want my money back!
Charliebox , 31/12/2015 - 13:58
I want to invest! I want to invest! This seems like it's going to be a great game. Like a secret of evermore. Shut up and take my money
twinimage , 13/03/2015 - 11:33
Has the time to preorder this come and gone or will that be available closer to a release date for this game? I'm new here. :P
dustingmack , 21/01/2015 - 03:44
Any new updates on release?
MikeyStardust , 26/09/2014 - 17:16
interesting cant wait for more details
Ringdangdoo , 06/09/2014 - 09:58
Sounds like this could be a damn interesting game :-)Too bad that the project is no longer avalible to invest in. How far is this game in progress? (i´m sorry for my bad english)
Fonzie , 21/08/2014 - 02:35
A little update posted with current status. Please read on left.
dustingmack , 04/08/2014 - 02:53
Any updates on how this game is going, I know a lot of people are pumped up to play it!
   xoltar , 06/06/2014 - 15:57
Hey on veux un nouvel épisode de tea-time ! Ce concept de news avec nous est vraiment Génial - Peace
shifted , 03/06/2014 - 06:52
Hey guys, So can we still invest in this project? No option shows up to buy gems. I have invested in Project Y but felt I'd leave Project N until university finished and funds were available. Hoping to invest in the coming weeks.
   Gandoulf49 , 27/02/2014 - 15:10
Désolé ae86, mais c'est trop tard pour inverstir.
ae86 , 24/02/2014 - 14:54
Comment fait on pour investir? Dans un projet?
   ae86 , 24/02/2014 - 14:29
Salut a tous pour voter ça ce passe où?
vegetafett , 15/02/2014 - 20:59
Also I think it would be cool if you took the top 2-3 ideas voted on and fused them into a game
vegetafett , 15/02/2014 - 20:55
Were do I buy Gem and how do I donate money ?
strutnoodle , 29/01/2014 - 14:55
How about a Mode 7 style game that is like a racer, but is actually a sci-fi, dungeon crawling RPG? ;)
guardian1337 , 19/01/2014 - 08:55
Is it too late to invest in the posterity edition?
lytron , 24/12/2013 - 18:00
Good point from deadman1987: What shape will the box have? EU small, EU bigbox, SFC? Bigbox would be cool... but SFC has it's charms, too.
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