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ProjectN FAQ
Have questions about this specific product/project? See the most frequently asked questions below.
FF1. How do I join a project?
If a project is open to join, you can join by investing at least one GEM into the project.

FF2. What are GEMS? How much do they cost?
GEMS are Watermelon's currency. As for now, one GEM is equal to 10 cents (USD) with the possibility of changing later on.
You can use GEMS to invest in a project. If you earn some GEMS, you can use them to get discounts on products, get coupons, etc.

FF3. How much do I have to invest to save myself one copy of the game?
You can take a look at the "investor's specials" section of a project to discover what are the investment-to-product conversion options available.

FF4. What do I get for my investment in a project?
Magical Game Factory investments offer access to voting and conversion features.

FF5. What about the boost stars? How are they obtained? How do I use them?
You get one star every 100 GEMS invested. You can use boost stars on the polls you have answered to boost your weight.

FF6. Can my invested GEMS in one project be used in another project?
No, this is not possible.

FF7. What happens if I'm not interested in converting my investment into products after a project's completion?
We will set a minimum amount from where you can credit back the left over GEMS into your MGF account.

FF8. What happens if I do not have enough GEMS to convert into a desired product after a project's completion?
You can choose to convert into a cheaper product or credit back your GEMS if available. You had to invest more beforehand.

FF9. Will I have to pay any shipping for those products?
It depends on the shipping method chosen. Standard method is free. For Premium method, please check our shipping simulator.

FF10. What if I want to cancel my investment?
You can't cancel your investment unless one of the following three scenarios occur:
      - You didn't convert your GEMS into actual products within a year.
      - The project's release date is missed by at least six months.
      - Project is cancelled.

FF11. What if I want to cancel my conversion?
You can't cancel a conversion. Sorry.

FF12. What if I want to cancel my vote or boost star use?
You can't cancel your vote or boost star use. Sorry.

FF13. What if the final product does not match what has been decided by polls?
We always maintain the liberty to interpret or even disregard a poll result. We try our best to make the final product match what has been chosen, but this is not guaranteed.

FF14. I want to help more than just invest? What can I do?
You can help promote our products or website. If you have some specific skills and want to give us a hand, feel free to contact us!

FF15. What if I invested in a project for a specific platform and the project also gets a release for another platform?
If we later port our projects to other platforms, we may provide them for conversion; this is not guaranteed.

FF16. Can I join betatesting? How?
Only motivated people should apply, look for the dot.