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Being an investor has lots of advantages! Once the project is complete, you can convert your investment into actual products & goodies! See below!
Baptism of Fire
To all our very first Investors, we will remember you! Stay tuned!

Free for all investors who joined before the 16/11/2012 .
Investor Edition(s?)
The Investor edition! To be available in 3 regions: JAP, USA and EURO. You will be able to get several copies if you wish, not limited per investor.

Conversion price of 500 for all investors .
Get credited in the game! The absolute 16-bit posterity. This is seen as one of the top 10 achievement to be done in a human life.

Free for all investors and who invested a minimum of 200 GEMS.
Istemthebronx , 12/02 - 15:59
What are the new features on this game?! Have been a long time that i've not seen updates.
   masterprice , 16/12 - 20:30
menuda estafa es este proyecto. esto es un engaño
xmod , 13/11 - 18:38
Zelda, Terranigma, Secret of Mana, Sword of Mana styles. I think this would be amazing!
   _diosant , 01/11 - 03:48
Action RPG seria ótimo, com fases que vc só consiga passar com uma arma especifica que vc consegue me uma determinada fase, cheio de puzzle e muita ação! Um Zelda para Snes e Mega!
   jcolucci , 27/09 - 22:53
Algo bem ambicioso no estilo megaman uma franquia top em todos os seus jogos e se conseguir fazer melhor meu Deus....
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