About ProjectY
STATUS: Phase 1...
SYSTEM(S): Mega Drive / Genesis, ++
It's ProjectY - the RPB you've been waiting for since the 90s! WIP @ wm's Magical Game Factory.
Current Status (08/21/2014)
The subscriptions for new investors has been locked down. However, current investors can still invest GEMS into the project.

The original intended release date has been missed but the game is still in steady development and will soon enter beta-testing phase. A new release date will be communicated soon, along with opening pre-orders.

Thank you for your patience.


The Origins
For the first time ever, fans of retro consoles are getting exactly the game they want! And they want a RPB!

Investors, as they are called, have used their voting power to shape ProjectY to their own liking.

Their first poll result was to make a game for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Then came the decision to make the game a RPB (Beat 'em all, with elements of an RPG). The final big turn for the project was the setting, which the investors decided should be cyberpunk.

With these defining poll results, ProjectY started to take shape while additional minor polls followed. Development is currently ongoing; you can still join ProjectY and shape the game by voting, submitting your ideas and discussing the project on the boards!


Obtained with fervor by the investors, we can guarantee the game will have a bare minimum 40 megabits cartridge. ProjectY is joining the small club of High Density Cartridges (also known as the "big, black cartridges"). This will be at least the second biggest Mega Drive/Genesis game ever, after WaterMelon's own Pier Solar! With this much storage at our disposal, we can make the ultimate 16-bit beat 'em all!

Also obtained by the investors, the game will feature four playable characters, one of them to be unlocked.


The Context
ProjectY takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, set in an Asian high-tech metropolis. The last survivors of the nuclear war are divided into several classes, where the most powerful have the others by the balls. This has divided the governing bodies into several fractions, where ethnic mafias and a corrupt corporation are just a few of them! As you can see, this story is filled with many possible scenarios. It will demand lots of exploring and several playthroughs to get everything out of it.

Hello Visitor,
Subscriptions to that project have ended.
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TulioAdriano , 04/03/2015
Tea Time @ WM - Episode 5
RARE & WIP footage of "ProjectY", Mega Drive / Genesis game in the making at WM's Magical Game Factory! [:O]
tbp17 , 18/07 - 18:10
Big news are coming soon ! WM DVD documentary will be an interesting item for all the fans and curious about how Fonzie & teams proceed to develop & create "new revival games" for our beloved consoles behind the scene. Maybe we will know about big moustache origins. Increasing suspens :)
inqualls , 13/07 - 01:53
These updates from Radchek have me anticipating the end of each week:) So happy to hear about the DVD documentary encompassing everything WM has been working on. One day I would like to have the ability to post in the boards but alas, I have to stick with this comment bar lol. Go Team WaterMelon!
   tbp17 , 07/07 - 09:17
Les dernières news concernant le développement du jeu Y sont dans le sujet "DEVELOPMENT NEWS" dans la section Project Y.
   Soultime961 , 06/07 - 13:39
Pas de news depuis 1 ans ....
Otakyoon , 18/06 - 11:59
june 18 ... no news for the game... could you please update the blog ? give us a release date ?
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