Foren Pier Solar Über das Spiel
Selling my sealed copy :-) 
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06/12/2018 - 10:13
 No. :-)  

So you've just admitted you're trying to rip people off by trying to sell it for much more than it's actually worth.

it failed to sell for €299 on the 16th, 23rd and 30th of November.

So you've now relisted it for the 4th time at €299.

Makes sense.

Anyone looking to buy this game. There's a French guy selling the first edition brand new and sealed on ebay for over €100 less than this clown (€189 and he can't even get that!). He actually has 1284 feedback. A little better than this guys 0 :).

In reply Ramsis:

 No. This being a collector's item, there's no defined value to stick to. There simply is no "it's actually worth X" argument. You must be a nidiot not to know this. 

Ok, simple English for you. The exact same product you're selling. Has been available for a long time for €100 less than your "asking" price.

He's not even been able to sell it for that price...So that puts a value of less than €189. Pretty simple economics when you think about it :).

 Just go ahead and d** knowing you couldn't afford what you apparently ever so much deeply w***ed. :D 

Why assume? It only ever shows a lack of intelligence. I could simply post up a picture of the watch I'm wearing right now with a time-stamp. Which is worth at least double what you're trying to get and it's not even close, in value. To some of my most prized processions. Excluding my house and car of course.

Of course if I did want it (which I don't). I would simply buy it from the French guy for €189. Then again. It's not even worth that. So I would wait and get it even cheaper.

 Unlike you, Exoddus, and assuming you're not yet another someone's sock puppet, I'm not exactly a complete n00b & nobody in the retrogaming/development community.

My ramsis-snes eBay account may be new to you, but my business practices are well-established even beyond your knowledge. And you know what: Unlike you sock puppet of I-know-who, I don't need to hide my online presence/persona behind a random string of characters. ^^  

I want to be a "somebody" in the gaming world? I don't even own a console lol. I found these forums because I backed Pier Solar on Kickstarter.

Your "business practices" have a lot to be desired I'm afraid. Unless trying to rip people off is your business practice. Then you're doing an excellent job!

 Unlike you sock puppet of I-know-who, I don't need to hide my online presence/persona behind a random string of characters. ^^  

No idea who's sock puppet I'm supposed to be. As I pointed out before. I only came onto these forums to let WaterMelon know how useless they were regarding the Kickstarter campaign. My 6 year old niece could have done a better job. I have donated to over 30 projects on Kickstarter and WaterMelon were by far the most incompetent.

 Maybe you should interact more with adult people rather than with 6-year-olds, then you probably wouldn't have to resort to "simple English" at all. :D 

What a very odd remark to make. Do you have some kind of autism? You know next to nothing about me. I interact with different, what you call "adults" everyday. It's called having a job...

 So you just admitted that you're a complete waste of time to deal with, let alone a known figure in the community. Thanks for proving my point. :D

What does being a "known figure in the community" have to do with anything? Lol. Not really sure what this "community" really is to be perfectly honest.

The internet is infinitely big. So as much as it might pain geeks such as yourself. There really isn't a community.

 Oh BTW, it's extra hilarious to observe how an adult (?) interacting mainly with 6-year-olds boasts about his watch, his house, and his car. Your niece would certainly be proud of you(rself). ^^  

Boast about those things? I'm in my 30's. Who doesn't own things like that when you're in your 30's? Unless you're a total loser....
06/12/2018 - 11:57
This thread has become monkey business. The link is here, whoever wants to buy feel free to do. What can't happen is the users to demote the seller and the seller to demote the users. Thread is locked.
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