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Let's talk Belt Scroll/Beat'emUp
19/04/2017 - 02:37
There is 31 years of beat'em up (or belt scroll as the Japanese originally called them) retrospective for us to delve onto to fill our hunger in anticipation of Paprium. There's already a thread for the latest beat'em ups, but I'd rather focus on the (cult)classics.

I hope you guys find it a nice idea, since many beat'em up have been overlooked. By being strictly Japanese. Having an unorthodox move which where generally lost in translation and therefor not figured out by the masses. And I hope I can get a few more people interested in some gems. Especially the ones with fun combat systems. Remember it's all about crowd control.

There are many Cyberpunk and Post-Apocalyptic themed beat'em ups as well, so it's nice to look up the peers before we can compare Paprium.

First up...

Gourmet Sentai Barayarō

I generally shun SNES/SFC belt scrollers for not having the processor to generate more then 3 enemy grunts. But this one is rather special. There's some weirdass vibe going on that reminds us a bit of Cho Aniki, I guess u can say the overall theme is Cyberpunk so it is of some interest for Paprium fans.

The story even shares a little similarity to the Paprium mega city thing:
 In the year 20XX, the metropolis known as Zeus Heaven Magic City has made a miraculous recovery from the fires of a nuclear World War III. In order for you to survive in this city of power and technology, it is necessary to ingest protein in whatever food that can be found. The secret organization Bath is a force that grows and expands every day, causing strife and of violent crime throughout the city. Zeus is in danger of ruin as the forces of Bath were constantly instilling their will upon the city by force. Zeus' leaders, however, have launched a secret project that gives them optimism on the prospect of defending the city against Bath. The project looks to enhance and to create a soldier wearing the special body armor, the strongest of the strongest body armor. From this project the conception of the idea to modify the human body was conceived, and three humans: Bonjour, Mademoiselle, and Très Bie have been transformed into fighting machines. 

It might not be the deepest belt scroller, but it has quite an onorthodox move input not captured in the manual (and hardly on the net) that i have not even seen one playthrough video that uses the fun to use moves.

I especially like flipping the enemies upside down and then jumping on them to perform a special move.

So this is kind of how the movelist goes (special thanks to andsuchisdeath from Gamengai for figuring this out:

After the fourth hit of your chain combo, hit up + B and you will perform :

Bonjour (Big guy) : Two handed uppercut
Madame (Chick) : Axe Kick
Tres Bien (Fast guy): Head Butt

This up + B attack will make your opponent land on their head and remain in an inverted position for a few seconds. The exclusive follow up attack for this situation is to hit Up + B again, and you will then be standing on your enemies feet. Hit Y to do a unique attack in this position.

Grapple: LLL
Grapple: RLR
Grapple: UP+Forward RLRLR (mash) - Spinning pile driver out of Bonjour the big guy, Tres Bien the quick guy will perform an izuna drop move. Madame the chick has a mindsweeper move where she swings the enemies around by their feet.

There are some power ups like the shadow doppler which grants the player a badly controlled AI copy of the character.

Oh yeah there is a button to pose, because... that's necessary.

Every stage you can collect some random generated items that you can cook with the gourmet chef at the end of the stage, combinations will result in special power ups both good and bad.

And there's some cheat that gives you the novely of playing like enemy g
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19/04/2017 - 02:46
Yes the super Nintendo did not have many good beat'em up game's, mostly the final fight games get all the love.

This might be crazy but i do like maximum carnage and Separation anxiety, they are about average.

The king of dragons is a really good beat'em up for the super Nintendo, i have legend but i do not like it.
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19/04/2017 - 02:59
Night Slashers
Kind of when your favorite Hammer Horror movies team up to have badass beat'em up. Not as deep as Alien vs Predator or Denjin Makai II/The Guardians, but it's moveset is oh so satisfying.

 The story is that the dead have risen from their graves, and monsters and mutants prey upon what's left of the living. Three monster hunters, Christopher, Jake and Hong Hua, have joined together, using their knowledge of the occult to slay the undead scourge. 

Personally this game contain my two favorite belt scroll moves:

The stomp people in the ground aerial (with headstomp follow up) and the bodysurf move (satisfying as fuck). Surfing zombie bodies on hard soil is oh. so. satisfying.

Head over to the following link get the gist on it's extensive movelist, double team attacks and more: 

Dig this game, try out the headcracking bodysurfin moves, surround yourself in the over-the-top bloody pulpy mess and enjoy the ace musical selection.
19/04/2017 - 03:48
Nekkatsu Oyako (Hot Blooded Family)

 A father named Rando, along with his son, Tora, and daughter, Rio, must rescue his wife and mother to his children.  

A little overlooked gem with a silly theme there's some nice little in jokes going on in the background. And I love the little joke where alcoholic beverages (one of the many healing items) can only be consumed by Rando while his two kids get an "adult only" message instead.

A funky little entry by Technosoft, the saturn version has contains some juggle friendly physics, which you can have a lot of fun with.

In general the Saturn version is the (remix) version to go:

- Multiple special moves added for characters
- Some animation frames added
- Some animation frames altered (for example Rando's dashing kick)
- Bosses have extra attacks and animations
- Some enemy sprites redrawn (Vandammes for instance)
- Presentation of the game is altered (stage intro's etc)
- Enemy falling physics modified to allow for easier juggling
- Moves are more cancelable to allow for more combo's
- Rando moves much faster (in the ps version he is insanely slow)

Here is a nice example of a combo video 

Rando Movelist (thanks to Macaw from gamengai):

Dash - Double tap left or right
Double Jump - double tap jump button

Normal Moves

A - Punch
A x 2 - Punch then launch
A x 3 - Punch, launch then kick

Dashing Moves

While Dashing + A - Elbow
While Dashing + A x 2 - Elbow then kick
While Dashing + Down + A - Sliding kick

Jumping Moves

While Jumping + A - Jumping kick
While Jumping + Down+ A - Body Press
While Dash Jumping + A - Big flying kick
While Dash Jumping + A x 2 - Double flying kick

Grabbing Moves

While grabbing + A - Chest knee, up to 3 times
While grabbing + left or right + A - Throw
While grabbing + Down + A - Suplex
While grabbing + Jump - Piledriver
While grabbing + Jump x 2 - Super Piledriver
After piledriver has landed - immediately press jump again to jump away and cause an explosion once you land

Special Moves

C - Desperation move (decreases chunk of health)
Forward, down, down forward - Shoryken
(Saturn Only) Up, Down, Forward - Big slash, can also be done in air
(Saturn Only) Forward, Down, Back + A - Big punch, due to the awkward command you need to buffer the command off something otherwise Rando turns around and just does a normal punch. Can also be done while grabbing.
(Saturn Only) While on low health, Forward, Down, Back + A - Super move

The other character movelists can be found on this website (+ google translate) 
19/04/2017 - 04:02
Violent Storm
Violent Storm is a post-apocalyptic beat'em up. All you Mad Max aficionados can get their right high here.

 In The 1990s, World War III has at last expired. The people are left to pick up the pieces and rebuild their civilizations. However, vicious gangs that prey on these defenseless citizens are obstructing the reconstruction.

The main protagonists are Boris, Wade and Kyle, vigilantes who protect the feared and helpless. Their largest problem is the corrupt, incorrigible, ruthless and lethal gang known as "The Geld Gang". They have commissioned every type of person imaginable.
Purple-haired, leather-clad, chain-wielding, lead-pipe swinging, masked, martial art, orange-mohawked and men so strong and immune to pain they use manhole covers as shields.

One day, when the trio is patrolling the streets, alert, ready and able to help those in need, they see a woman named Sheena (a friend of theirs) waving at them walking across the street out of a supermarket with groceries. A moment later, Lord Geld's right-hand man, Red Freddy, snatches her away while riding on his purple hog. Now, the three braves must save Sheena from the grips of Lord Geld. 

It deserves a special shout out for getting the pacing completely right. Why?

The enemies have quite low health bars, which dont make the game drag, while still being powerful in attack, ganging you up in large groups, and quickly generating new goons after the old ones have been killed. This makes the game fast, enjoyable,

It also helps that the movelist is quite easy to pull off, giving the player absolute control over their characters. Makes the game flow and effective.

There's tons of visual gags and jokes going on in the fore- and background. And the music absolutely rocks. Large sprites, lots of enemies. When it comes to presentation. This game is a winner on many fronts.

For the full movelist: 

And because Paprium is full with flexing half naked muscle men... this Violent Storm baddie deserves a mention:
19/04/2017 - 04:39
Undercover Cops (Alpha Renewal)

 On the year of 2043 a nameless city was being swept away by a huge crime wave. Therefore, the town commission decided to retaliate and sent three of the best crime fighters, or in this game they are called the city sweepers. They are Zan Takahara, Matt Gables, and Rosa Felmonde. 

Another post-apocalyptic Mad Max inspired brawler.

It has a very fun and extensive movelist to toy with. But please note that the regular 'western' version got a lot of the movelist cut as well as being censored. There's an english version that is the exact same japanese version, uncensored and wit hall the moves intact while being translated into english. That version is called Undercover Cops Alpha Renewal. Don't even bother messing with the SNES/SFC version, inferior in many ways (small amount of enemy grunts, 1 player, censored).

It's also includes an unique take on weapons, where you are being able to grab pillars out of the ground. In all honesty the game has some pacing issues (should have taken a cue from the other post-apocalyptic brawler mentioned here, Violent Storm) and tends to drag on after Stage 3 or so. Dropping the ball on the stage design and throwing tedious/annoying enemies at you like the bikes or the moles. With the cherry on the bothersome cake, the an overtly long last stage with the last boss being one big HP sponge. Still worth a look I'd say.

For the movelist: 
19/04/2017 - 05:16
Denjin Makai

 Many years after the third world war, a new country has emerged. This country is not controlled by a god, demon, or man, but by a huge network system, a super computer.

This super computer controls and monitors the city and everyone in it, and no one can ever escape or get by the computer.

Recently there have been people showing up who's actions cannot be seen or monitored by the computer. These people are known as 'Ghosts'. Because of this, the 'Ghosts' have been freely committing crimes across the city.

In response to this a Ghost Police Force (or Ghost Defence Force) has been created, members of this group are known as 'Ghost Chasers'. 

Another World War III and megacity haha.

It has a SFC port called Ghost Chaser Densei, which actually adds a few moves to the characters. But as in general is not really interesting as it cuts down the roster from 6 playable characters to 3, 3 enemy grunts instead of 10 and the general graphical downgrade.

The movelist is extensive and fun. It is massively fun to perform the flying legbar with tulks and backflip slam grapple the fuck out of your enemies. Also one of the most enjoyable cooperation move team attack where you can ride on the back of the other player (if he selected the beast-y character, Zeldia).

Movelist here (need google translate): 

The score system is quite special too (thanks to Macaw from gamengai) and fun if you want to live on the edge:

Basically is has the score system from Gunnail, and considering this game is already pretty damn hard and you only have a single life on a credit, then playing for high score abusing this system is walking an absolute tightrope of risk.

Your health bar has 3 colours. Blue when its full or mostly full, yellow when its around half, and red when you have barely anything left.

If for example a single punch is worth 100 points when you have a blue bar, then it will be worth 200 points when you have a yellow bar, and 400 points when you have a red bar. So x2 all base point values when in yellow, and x4 values when in red.

This system is also in Ghost Chaser Densei, but its a console game and heaps easier than the arcade version, so who really cares about high scores in that. 

 Some more Denjin Makai notes after a bunch of play with the proper score counters:

The game has a kind of level up system. At 200,000, 500,000 and 1 million points both your life gauge and special gauge will get bigger.

All characters super moves (the special that can only be done when you have red health and a full special bar) yield different point values, the more risky ones give more.

For example Makai's super, being a projectile, gives 2,500 points a hit. This is shit cause with the red health 4x multiplier a standard attack string of his will give you over around 5000. Belva on the other hand who has a close range super gets 10,000 points a hit with it.

Because the supers do so much damage they often kill enemies in a single hit except for the few tougher ones. Because of this you can milk an enemy for more points with strings or grapple moves or whatever and then when they are low on health you can finish them with a super. You cant fiddle around too long though as stages have a time limit.

Playing this game for score feels like I'm playing a STG at times.

So the WR is 3 million. My highest is about 1.1 million dying at the end of stage 3. There are 6 stages.

That WR was done with Kurokishi too, who also has a shitty 2500 point super. The guy must have just got a clear doing the whole game on red health, unless there is some trick I'm not aware of. 

The game is the prequel to The Guardians: Denjin Makai II, another legendary belt scroller.
19/04/2017 - 05:38
The Guardians: Denjin Makai II

Unfortunately it's lacking the extensive backstory like it's prequel, all we know that Makai the main character of the previous game is gone and is replaced by the main antagonist/last boss of Denjin Makai, Girulian.

Tulks, Zeldia (now an winged avian-human half breed female instead of male-ish gorilla monster from the first Denjin Makai) and Kurokishi (now with blonde hair), return. Belva sort of returns as Prototype Belva (one of the bosses of the first game and twin brother of the original Belva). And they are joined by the ninja Jinrei, card trick magician Rou and replacing Zeldia beast form is the bio-insecthive-triceratops Skullbyule.

Lots of moves, lots of visual gags going on in the background and lovely cyberpunk themed stages.

The game has a pretty forgiving juggle physics So have some fun with it:

Here is a nice example with all the playable characters: 

Movelist here: 
19/04/2017 - 05:51
Shadow Force

From the creators of the grandaddy of belt scrollers, Technos, comes this quirky little brawler.

 Shadow Force's plot concerns an organization called Teaser that's led by a guy named Mr. Wong. He's creating monsters to take over the world, and our four heroes are out to attempt to bring an end to his plans. There is the blue ninja Kai, the dual sword wielding female Blunet, Tengu Robot... Tengu and the bio engineerd werewolf, Coyote 

It uses a 6 button button input (the japanese version at least, with some content cut from the western version next to bringing it back to 3 buttons.. so get the Japanese one) with your character auto targeting the nearest opponent. It doesn't work half as well, and the game is not really that memorable. But it has it's merits, one for having a cool cyberpunk/tokusatsu theme.

There's a novelty of brainjacking your enemies. Pretty useless. But it's there. So you can play as all the enemy grunts if you like.

Here's the movelist for Tengu, same input kinda applies for the other characters

Spinning lariat - half circle forward, punch
Charge throw - back, towards, punch
German suplex - towards + punch (when close, grapple move)
Big slam - down, up, punch (when close, grapple move)
Even bigger slam - towards + punch while enemy is groggy (randomly happens when you hit them a few times, once again this is a close grapple move).
19/04/2017 - 05:59
Battle Circuit

 Taking place in the future year 20XX, Battle Circuit follows the exploits of a group of super-powered bounty hunters as they apprehend wanted criminals (identified by special serial numbers) in the city of Neo Koba. The game begins with player attempting to apprehend criminal 9696X, a scientist named Doctor Saturn and his blob-like sidekick aboard his spacecraft orbiting Earth. After the battle, the character selected by the player returns to his employer, Harry, and is promptly given another assignment to capture the leader of the "Delete Gang", Johnny, who holds a valuable floppy disk in his possession. The bounty hunter then confronts Johnny at his disco hideout and learns that the disc contains a malicious computer program known as the "Shiva (Tentei) System", which is capable of controlling all computerized systems in the world.  

The quintessential Capcom imo. Tons of nice moves, colorful cast of characters, eccentric and elaborate bosses.

Not much to say, just play.

Here's the movelist: 
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