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About Pier Solar
Pier Solar FAQ
Have questions about this specific product/project? See the most frequently asked questions below.
1. Is the strategy guide covering every version of the game?
The Pier Solar strategy guide covers both the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive and the “HD” version of the game.

2. What are the differences between Pier Solar for the SEGA Dreamcast, PC_DVD, STEAM, Xbox One, PS4, Wii-U and the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive version?
SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive version is the original release of the game. The latter “HD” versions boast additional content and tweaks to comply to nowadays gamers. Tweaks includes: Difficulty settings*, “HD” graphics**, additional bosses, mini-games and side-quests.
* The SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive version has difficulty setting too, but it's hidden and makes the game harder, not easier.
**: “HD” versions features an optional 16-bit graphic mode to simulate the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive graphic style.

3. The game do not boot on my SEGA Dreamcast, what to do?
During the later life cycle of the SEGA Dreamcast SEGA added a form of encryption to the new systems so the newer models which will not allow it to play unlicensed or burned (backup) games on it. If your model of Dreamcast cannot play backups, it may have booting issues.

4. What are the PC_DVD minimum requirements
Operating System:   Windows XP with SP2, OS/X Snow Leopard or Ubuntu 12.10
Processor:          Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
Memory:             1 GB RAM
Graphics:           Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 945GME
Hard Disk Space:    3 GB Free
RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Operating System: Windows 7, OS/X Mavericks or Ubuntu 13.04 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800 GT Hard Disk Space: 3 GB Free

5. I cannot save on the PC_DVD version, what to do?
You cannot save if you play the game straight from the disc, you must install the game using the installer or copy the disc content into your computer first.

6. My REPRINT or REPRINT_EP version of the game do not boot, why?
This Information concerns buyers having their Pier Solar REPRINT or REPRINT_EP games shipped after February 2015.
A minor incompatibility issue has been found, the issue will only trigger on Mega Drive 1 or Genesis Model 1, non-TMSS (without the "Licensed by Sega" text).
If your Mega Drive or Genesis shows the "Licensed by Sega" text at power-on, you will not be affected.
If affected: The game will not start on the first power-on. To work work-around the issue, you need to press the RESET button after power-on to start the game. The game will then play normally.

7. Is the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive version of the game region free?
Yes, this version of the game will work on both NTSC and PAL systems, in any region.

8. Is Pier Solar for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive compatible with any Mega Drive/Genesis systems?
Pier Solar for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive is compatible with only official hardware, clones are not supported.

9. How long is the game?
It really depends on if you take it your time slowly and explore, or if you speed run through, but usually around 30 hours is a most commonly reported playthrough time.

10. How many saves can be stored?
You can save up to four save slots.

11. Does the game for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive requires a 6 buttons joypad?
The game is compatible with both the 3 and 6 button joypad. Additional X Y Z buttons can serve as shortcuts in battle as well as be used for ingame spells.

12. Why aren't the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Posterity/Classic Editions sold any more? What about the Kickstarter's Collector Editions?
Those editions were only pre-order exclusive.

13. What was the Posterity thing about?
This was for people who wanted to have their name in the game credits in exchange of a small donation, they also received Size Magazine issue 16. They were given to Kickstarter backers as well.

14. How do the REPRINT editions differ from Classic/Posterity Editions of the Pier Solar SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive version?
The REPRINT edition comes packaged inside a plastic clamshell instead of cardboard clamshell and the goodies are different. The Classic/Posterity Editions also included the Enhanced Soundtrack Disc (now sold separately with the OST).

15. What's the difference between the Pier Solar for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive REPRINT and 10YEARS anniversary versions?
10YEARS anniversary edition comes with the Enhanced Soundtrack Disc, is signed and limited in quantity, this is the final print of the game.

16, How do you use the soundtrack disc for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive game version?
You can either put the disc in before you have inserted and turned on the cartridge, or do it via the options menu in the game. The disc will start playing soon after the tray is closed.

17. Is the Enhanced Soundtrack Disc compatible with any Mega-CD/SegaCD?
We unfortunately noticed some incompatibilities with the "V2.00 ID5 bios" present in some Japanese Mega-CD2 and Japanese Multi-Mega systems.

18. My Mega-CD/SegaCD has trouble reading the Enhanced Soundtrack Disc, what do I do?
It is because the CD drive is pushed to the very maximum, unfortunately, some Mega-CD/SegaCD units with aged lasers will also show troubles. There are a few tricks to improve the situation from a recap of the motherboard to changing the laser block, alternatively you can burn a copy of the disc into a 650/700MB CDR at a very low speed.

19. What's the difference between the Pier Solar for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive REPRINT and REPRINT_EP versions?
REPRINT has English, German and French available for the whole in game text, while REPRINT_EP has English, Spanish and Portuguese. Both versions have in-game menus and instructions of all five languages mentioned. There are also in-game menus and instructions in Japanese on both versions.

20. Will you release a free ROM someday for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive game version?
We do not have a ROM release but you can download Pier Solar and the Great Architects with interchangeable 16 bit and HD graphics on PC/Mac/Linux on Steam/GOG/Humble or you can download it on Xbox ONE,PS4, Wii U and OUYA.

21. How can you say this is the biggest 16-bit game for SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, when almost all Neo-Geo games are much greater in size?
Tsk-tsk, the Neo-Geo is 24-bit, pal!

22. Are all the materials brand new or do you just rebox and flash carts?
All our materials are manufactured brand new and made exclusively by and for WaterMelon with nothing but the best quality material.