About ProjectN
GENRE: ???
STATUS: Phase 1...
SYSTEM(S): SNES / Super Famicom, ++
Over twelve years after the development of the last SNES/Super Famicom game, ProjectN is coming! Polls just started, you decide!
Current Status (08/21/2014)
The subscriptions for new investors has been locked down. However, current investors can still invest GEMS into the project.

The original intended release date has been missed but the game is still in steady development and will soon enter beta-testing phase. A new release date will be communicated soon, along with opening pre-orders.

Thank you for your patience.


What kind of game
will ProjectN be?
It could be a platformer, a genre well known to the system's fans. We could try to replicate the charm of a Super Mario.


Or maybe an Action/Adventure game with an open world... and why not throw in a few puzzles along with a touch of RPG? Zelda meets Pocky & Rocky.

Pocky & Rocky

What about a collection of mini-games, each one more insane than the one before, directly from Pier Solar's magical school. Or a surprise? Or a mode7 racer? Or a port of WM's ProjectY? You decide!

Then comes the "spirit" of the game. Strict and rigid, ironic, perverted or normal. Don't get it wrong, this is of utter importance!
Check out the polls page!
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Subscriptions to that project have ended.
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Fonzie , 01/10/2013
TeaTime #4 (ProjectN)
Tea Time @ WM #4 / In the land of the Human Centipede!
   keiichiro , 24/10 - 07:59
Pas de news non plus?
Applet , 11/10 - 13:51
Any updates?
Mr.Isaac , 16/03 - 02:24
Geosnow: We were scammed. It's pretty obvious at this point.
geosnow , 20/12 - 18:10
Where is the game?
   Bassofwars , 11/04 - 20:11
WaterMelon Games s'attaquera à un autre monument de l'âge d'or des 16-bit : la Super Nintendo. Sous le nom de Project N, une autre équipe de développeurs conçoivent un jeu d'aventure à mi-chemin entre un Zelda : A Link to the Past et Secret of Evermore. :)
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