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Watermelon bad buzz 
05/08/2017 - 20:42
Rapid summarize:

Hedge is a famous selller of fake snes carts. This great guy is loved by every one thanks to all his great carts that flooded the market. He's so popular that he had to organize a gaming convention. He invited the president of WM who confirmed he would come. It's a free invitation, free of charge. That's such a great move.

Camille is a girl in charge of communication for WM. She's full of competences and has finally the opportunity to show how good she is at this job. She's the only contact Hedge has to communicate with WM.

One day, Camille asked Hedge to go to the printer to take flyers for the convention. He didn't have much time because as an important person, he has lots of stuff to deal with. But he accomplished his duty with pleasure.

Hedge has some difficulties to contact the CEO of WM. He never anwers his mails. So he's a little bit worried. Will he come as promized? Intense suspens. Camille told him she does her best. Nobody has a doubt about it.

The day before, the CEO explained in a mail he had too much work and couldn't go to the convention. He didn't keep his word. That's not the CEO we used to know. People have to understand he has a multinational company to manage. This implies lots of work and responsability.

He delegated to another person not really connected to WM the duty to represent the society during the convention. This suggestion was surprisingly very stupid and astonished everybody.

Hedge was very upset and told Camille his little heart was full of pain. She tried to dry his tears. She did her best but couldn't do more. Hedge said he will say how horrible they are to all the planet. With 10 million of suscribers on his Youtube channel, the impact will be huge. Camille said again how sorry she is, that there's no excuse for their attitude and that they'll accept the consequences.

He said that no body noticed the absence of WM at the convention and all peole had a great time there. Take that WM. Who do you think you are?

Then Hedges throwed the flyers on the ground with violence. He wiped his feets with no pity. With some gazoline and matches, he finished the job. He didn't really burn the flyers, it was just a symbolic gesture. Then, he fought with a huge Paprium kakemono. He put all his power in his leg and gave it the kick it desserved.

To conclude, he said WM are loosers, that the game won't be released in September and how sorry he was to people who came to the convention to meet WM.
05/08/2017 - 20:46
Ahah, nice summary there! :-D

This whole story actually sounds really stupid and shady. Why would Fonzie travel from China to France back and forth to take part to a few hours long obscure convention? This would be too expensive for what it is.

Anyways... I just hope Fonzie is checking the very last steps to relase Paprium and that we will enjoy this game all around the globe. We were all very patient.
Most annoying fanboy ever
06/08/2017 - 06:36
Bon, O.K, les gars nous allons y aller doucement.

1. Il sort d'où ARTOURKOUIHIER avec son pseudo de 1 jour ? (et c'est quoi ce pseudo de fou ?).
2. Il semble tout savoir, mais à vrai dire ici, on s'en fou un peu, et on à l'habitude d'être dans le flou. C'est pas auprès de nous qu'il doit se justifier. C'est d'abord auprès de Hedge mais aussi sur ce qu'il se passe sur le site. Pourquoi les gens ne peuvent pas commander, pourquoi il ni y a aucune info, etc...
3. Hedge je suis pas fan du tout. Il a mauvaise réputation et à vraiment une tendance aux menaces et au insultes tout en réclamant le "respect". Dans ce cas là pourquoi [:WM] c'est engager avec un mec comme ça ?
4. Est ce quelqu'un pourrait traduire en français le post de "ARTOURKOUIHIER".

5. Je propose une confrontation direct, ici sur ce forum entre Hedge et un représentant de [:WM] !!!

Du buzz, du buzz, du buuzzzzzzz !!!
06/08/2017 - 09:16
M'est avis qu'on connait déjà bien cet auteur.
Il a traduit en anglais le contenu de la vidéo en rajoutant un peu d'ironie, tu ne manques rien Goofy si tu as vu la vidéo.
Most annoying fanboy ever
06/08/2017 - 14:18
il est complètement cinglé ce hege, jusqu'à piétiner le poster... c'est triste. en espérant que la production se passe bien
06/08/2017 - 22:49
Goofy > tu dis "il semble tout savoir" il ne fait que raconter ce que dit Hedge dans la vidéo, y'a absolument rien de neuf.

Après bien vu car il rajoute un peu d'exagération par moment le gars (tu ne dois pas connaître Kamelott pour son pseudo)

Espérons juste que WM améliore la communication, encore et toujours...

Et je ne trouve pas que Hedge manque de respect, il ne fait ça qu'après avoir subi un sale coup. Pour rappel il dit encore du bien de leur travail, et il a fait un très bon test de Pier Solar.
07/08/2017 - 04:17
Ooh man, what a mess!

07/08/2017 - 04:19
I'm sure Fonzie will come out with news eventually.
07/08/2017 - 04:29
Never heard of that Hedge guy, I don't care what he says.
07/08/2017 - 12:43

This Hedge guy sounds like a worthless fucking cunt of the highest piece of shite order hahahaha. Tool....
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