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À propos ... PAPRIUM
Des questions sur ce produit/projet? Ci-dessous les questions les plus fréquemment posées.
1. Is the game compatible with all systems?
The game pushes the hardware to extreme limits and therefore is only compatible with official SEGA systems, both PAL and NTSC. After market systems or unlicensed clones are not supported. Some older clones made of SEGA parts may run the game in compatibility mode.
For games shipped prior 2021, there is an unfortunate incompatibility with some MegaDrive/SEGA Genesis: Model1 Japanese systems with serial A10xxxxxx; Model1 PAL serial 1601-xx; Model1 USA serial 1601-xx (list is a work in progress). We are confident this issue is unrelated to any performance or quality problem and will be addressed in the future. Cartridges sold prior 2021 may be serviceable upon request when a fix is found. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

2. So many sprites, effects and colours and speed and sound and and and, how is it even possible?
PAPRIUM uses the latest techniques developed by WM in the previous 10 years of research. Features such as "EXPS-VI" for Extended Sprite Mode VI over 80 sprites on-screen without flicker, "VRSCROLL" for unlimited virtual parallax planes and "SCALR" for accelerated DMA channels scaling effects. All those technologies, with many more advancements, are exclusive to this game and will only work on stock SEGA hardware.

3. What is the DATENMEISTER?
PAPRIUM is the second game, after VIRTUA RACING, to boast its own "acceleration" chip. This chip, DT128M16VA1LT aka "DATENMEISTER", was developed in-house by WM, is used by PAPRIUM primary as a audio chip and adds extra audio channels for both music and SFX. We used a back-door left by SEGA and rest assured: This is not some lame MP3 or WAV player, this is live digital audio in same fashion as the highest-end arcade machines of the 90's.

4. Is the game really 80MEG?
PAPRIUM is the second commercial game, with Pier Solar to break the 64MEG barrier and part of the HDC for High Density Cartridge class. With 80MEG, PAPRIUM is the biggest game of the library. Only three commercial games breaks the 32MEG limit as of today.
Those aren't just numbers, everything is highly optimized. As a comparison, the 80MEG HDC MKII cartridge of PAPRIUM is equivalent to a 256 or even 512MEG NEOGEO game.

5. The game box have the Mega-CD/SEGA CD logo. What for?
PAPRIUM is the second game after Pier Solar to use the Mega-CD/SEGA CD for additional (optional) features. For PAPRIUM the Mega-CD/SEGA CD can be used as a "mate" for 2 players co-op. The feature can be unlocked in the options and uses the MODE button of P1's joypad to invoke the "mate".

6. What about the connector on top or my cartridge?
Do not connect anything there, yet, more announcements soon.

7. Is the game slower in 50hz?
Asides from walk speed (to ensure a ultra-smooth scrolling), the game is mostly identical in both 50 and 60hz (the 50Hz version increases its speed to match 60hz performance).

8. How to the game save?
The game will save your progress in "ORIGINAL" game mode if you either get game-over or if you complete a path. Depending of your progress you may unlock new features to be seen in the "ARCADE" mode and other surprises.

9. There is something lose inside my cartridge, what it is?
A serial number plate may become loose inside some cartridges when shocked or stored in very low temperatures. This is unfortunate but shall not cause any malfunctions or performance issues. Cartridges sold prior 2021 may be serviceable upon request when a fix is found. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

10. Why did the game took so long?
The initial batch of the game is manufactured and shipped at our own expenses. It took three years to figure out the funding.

11. Why should I trust WM?
We always deliver.

12. How about the limited editions?
Our limited editions quantities are unchanged and are from the same unique batch, we just didn't assemble them all due to budget constrains.

13. Why has the game increased in price?
Due to aforementioned issues, we shipped an unbelievable amount of games for free and therefore we had to increase price of future sales. We believe that our price is still a bargain given the quality of both the game and the physical product.

14. How can I get the investor's editions?
Those editions are reserved to our investors, they are not available for sale, sorry.

15. How can I invest in the game?
This feature is no longer available, the ProjectY (code name for PAPRIUM) is now completed and released. If you are a past investor, you can go to your profile to check investment status. Thank you.

16. Addendum
- Unlike mentioned in the MTS map, in "ORIGINAL" game mode, a GAMEOVER at the "KTV" will redirect you to "JUVANIUM" "THE FRIDGE".
- Unlike mentioned in the Combook, in "ORIGINAL game mode" the "Paprium Difficulty" as well as the "Death Skull" trophies will only unlock uppon completion of the game in Hard Very Hard.
- In "ORIGINAL" game mode, the Alternate Clothes are unlocked after 8 hours of playtime.
- In "ORIGINAL" game mode, the Juke Box is unlocked after (hex) 160000 points.
- In "ORIGINAL" game mode, being sent to "JUVANIUM" osts you (hex) 40000 points.
- In "ORIGINAL" game mode, you shall not attempt to play with Spinal or Rondo may they become available in that mode (this is a bug).

17. Are all the materials brand new or do you just rebox and flash carts?
All our materials are manufactured brand new and made exclusively by and for WaterMelon with nothing but the best quality material.

18. What about the GRANDSTICK?
PAPRIUM is released with the GRANDSTICK, a professional arcade stick. The stick can be used to configure the game's arcade modes but can also be used with any other games.
If some issues with the GRANDSTICK, check the dipswitches are in the default position. The GRANDSTICK comes with an USB and a MegaDrive/SEGA Genesis cable. Cables for other systems are not provided and the listed systems (NeoGeo, Snes, etc) may not be implemented. Development kit will be provided shortly.

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